Personal Computing

Comprehensive solutions based on PC, Laptop, Server, Thinclient and Workstation which essentially forms the client side computing infrastructure is provided by Chira.

Our pre sales team can understand your requirements, business concerns, growth plans and application areas to arrive at the right solution to fit your requirements which are protected against technological obsolesce and at the same time provide value for money. Though most think this is the easiest part when it comes to decision making in reality there is lot of technology packed into these products and decision criteria need not be price only as each technology built brings tremendous value to the table

Storage and Server

Industry standard servers are the other side of the coin when it comes to computing solutions.Chira has legendary knowledge, expertise in handling Server based requirement or solutions

Our presales team can identify the right products for your requirements based on many criteria and deliver cost effective scalable and cutting edge technology solutions. Be it a simple storage to the most complex storage solution Chira is your right partner in identifying and selecting the right solution. Power Backup is an important ingredient of any IT infrastructure today. Chira works with world leaders to provide you nonstop power protection & backup solutions.

Network and Security

Network security is becoming more and more important as people spend more and more time connected. Compromising network security is often much easier than compromising physical or local security, and is much more common.

The nervous system of any organization is the network infrastructure. This determines the success of the business. Chira has been associated with a host of vendors to provide you the right solution and required services. Whatever is the nature of requirement Chira's presales consultants can assist you in that arena. Services beyond setting up the infrastructure could be in terms of implementation, fine tuning of products, remote management and all are provided by Chira.


Chira can comfortably address your any requirement of short term or long term rentals

From PC's, Laptops, Workstations, Networking equipments, Storage to Servers you name it we have it. Fast turnaround in deliveries backed by our support makes the whole transaction hassle free.

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